Residential Life

Dorm rooms, dining facilities, a chapel, and rehearsal spaces are provided by King’s College.

Dress for the week is casual. However, remember that many rehearsals and worship services occur at St. Stephen’s Pro-Cathedral or in King’s College Chapel. Clothing should be appropriate for a sacred space–clothing that sufficiently covers the body and is not distracting in worship or rehearsals. Inappropriate clothing is anything low-cut or distracting. The Course Manager has the final say in determining what is appropriate or inappropriate. If you are not sure if something is appropriate, it probably isn’t. Parents, please be involved with the packing process.

As for other clothing and things to bring, double check the seven-day forecast before you pack. Weather in Wilkes-Barre can be very hot/humid and very cool–often in the same day, and we always have rain. Do bring at least one pair of long pants or jeans and a sweater or jacket for the evenings. If it will fit in the suitcase, send an extra outfit or two so the kids can change more frequently if they get caught in the rain.


What should I bring to the course?

  • Vestments and Music. Neither will be available at the course. The course will provide a black folder and pencils for the week. No vestments will be available to borrow from St. Stephen’s Church.
  • Alarm clock, toiletries (all necessary personal care and hygiene products–including deodorant), a deck of cards or other quiet activities for “down times,” a swimsuit and beach towel for the pool if you plan to swim.
  • Very basic bed linens and towels are provided. An extra blanket, pillow or sleeping bag is highly recommended, due to variations in room temperatures.
  • Rooms only have overhead lighting. A reading lamp or flashlight is highly recommended if you wish to read in bed.
  • Baths and showers are centrally located on each floor of the choristers’ dorm. Choristers may wish to bring a small bag or tote to transport their toiletries to the bathrooms.
  • Hangers for clothing are not available in the rooms, so bring enough hangers for Sunday clothes and vestments at a minimum.