Organ Scholar Program

In 2007, the Royal School of Church Music King's College Course instituted a special track for Organ Scholars with the intent of supporting the young artists who would come to us. We have developed an integrated program for the many aspects of organ and choral artistry of the Anglican tradition - from choral accompaniment and hymn-leadership to the nuances of Anglican chant.

We are pleased you are considering applying for this very select program. We offer full scholarship for room and board as well as course registration fees. Transportation and purchase of music is not included. Applicants should be age 25 or younger at the time of the course and have completed no more than a Master's degree. The deadline for applying is April 15.

The Organ Scholar undergoes a week's worth of seminars in the avenues mentioned above as well as private instruction and practice with our course organists and other faculty members. Because of the intensive schedule, scholars are not generally able to sing regularly with the Choir, though scholars should obtain copies of the choral scores for reference and accompaniment of house anthems. Please refer to this year's repertoire list on the course website.

You will be expected to accompany, at minimum, a hymn and a psalm at Evensong during the week and perform a voluntary (Prelude or Postlude) at one of the week's services. There is also a Faculty Recital for you to prepare a solo work to perform. Other accompanying opportunities, including house rehearsals and additional anthems/service music, may be assigned to Organ Scholars at the discretion of the faculty.

Application Checklist
The Berghaus Organ at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral

The organ at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral is an exceptional instrument. Built in 2003 (the Solo division just completed and dedicated in March 2009!) by Leonard Berghaus and Company, it incorporates 89 ranks of pipes in 6 manual and pedal divisions. The acoustics of the Byzantine Basilica-style Church with hard resonant surfaces throughout greatly enhance the presence and ensemble of the organ. You will be hard-pressed to find such a rewarding instrument to engage in musical expression. History and specifications of the organ are available on the Berghaus website.

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