Information Packet

King’s College Summer Course
Royal School of Church Music America
Monday, July 24-Sunday, July 30, 2023

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If you have further questions, please contact Course Co-Manager Daley Whitaker at or (860) 819-1948

COVID-19 Safety Information

**COVID safety information is subject to change due to the changing climate of the coronavirus endemic. Vaccination is a requirement for all participants. We will be referring to the CDC’s guidelines for dosage. Proof of vaccination status will be submitted during registration on July 24th, via an electronic or physical copy. Copies of vaccination status will be made on sight and returned to participants or parental guardians. Participants additionally have the option to upload an electronic copy of they or their child’s vaccine card further on in this registration process. Required masking will be at the discretion of the course staff due to the changing climate of the endemic. You are more than welcome to wear your mask throughout the week, if you so choose. Extra disposable masks will be provided for children who may lose or damage their mask during the course of the week. Funds for disposable face masks are limited so please do your part to pack extra masks for emergency purposes. Those that begin to feel unwell during the course, will be required to mask to participate. Symptoms include light coughing or sneezing. More serious symptoms such as fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, aches, loss of taste or smell etc. will require isolation in the King’s dorms until their rapid test comes back negative. We will have rapid PCR tests on hand for these occasions. If the participant tests positive for coronavirus, plans to discharge the participant from the course will be made immediately.

Other Safety Precautions We Are Taking:

● During the registration process, social distance chalk markers will be placed outside to keep families or groups separate.

● Participants will be encouraged/required to eat snacks and meals outside during the week.