King’s College Summer Choral Residency

Hello King’s Family, 
I come to you with news that I did not hope to share. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the RSCMA King’s College Summer Residency for this summer of 2024. 
Like so many other choral programs, the King’s Course was adversely affected by the COVID pandemic and was forced to cancel the courses for 2020, 2021, 2022, and now, 2023. After three (almost four) years of being deprived of this wonderful opportunity for singers aged 10 through adults (even into their 80s), we were so eager and hopeful that we could revive the course this July. Unfortunately, due to low registration numbers, we cannot, in good faith, run the course this summer. 

The long layoff has been tough on all RSCM summer residencies, and many of them have been canceled for lack of registration. We see this in our parish choirs as well who, once, used to be full, but now are working to rebuild. After 20+ years of the King’s College Course, it’s over. We’ve had a good run and made lots of good memories, and for that, we should be truly grateful.
Tom Sheehan and I have agreed to step down as co-managers of the course and will no longer be offering the course at this location. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love of our course over these past years. 
If you registered for the course and paid via PayPal, reimbursements will be processed and in your bank accounts by the end of the month. If you paid via check, those checks will be cancelled. Please reach out to Addie Peyronnin with any questions about payments.