King’s College Summer Choral Residency

An Urgent Request

Every summer since 1996, choristers of all ages from around the United States have gathered to sing together, worship together, and forge lifelong friendships—until 2020, when the advent of the COVID pandemic interrupted and damaged so many activities and lives. This Course was no exception, and for three years now there has been no King’s Course.

While many longstanding programs may have disappeared forever, we hope the King’s College Choir Course is not one of them! A tradition that has enriched and brought joy to so many lives should continue. Plans are now in place this summer to renew the King’s College Choral Residency; the dates are July 24 to 30.

Jack Warren Burnam, a Choir Course veteran of many years, is our director. Jack has chosen a wonderful slate of music by a diverse group of composers in a wide variety of styles, music that is challenging yet manageable and inspiring.

But we can’t revive the Course alone—a Choir Residency needs singers! For practical and realistic reasons, this week will be more modest in terms of numbers than the 150-plus participants of past courses. As we attempt this reboot, fifty registrations is the absolute minimum we need, to form an effective choral ensemble as well as to cover our fixed costs. We’re looking for 15 choristers (age 10 through rising high school senior) and 35 adults and young adults (high school grads). These are minimum numbers; we’d be thrilled to see them exceeded!

Right now we are well short of that number. Are you a King’s alum who’s been planning to come but haven’t gotten around to sending your online registration? Do you know someone who—with a little encouragement from you—might attend for the first time? Are you a choir director with young choristers who would benefit from the inspiration and encouragement of a week of first-rate choral singing? Then let us hear from you!  Please register (see link below) or contact us as soon as possible, no later than April 15. On that date we will determine whether (or not) there will be a King’s College Choir Course this summer now and in the future. We’re counting on your response!

  • If you have questions, reach out to King’s Course Co-Manager Daley Whitaker, or call 860-819-1948.
  • A limited number of partial scholarships are available to assist with the cost.  For Organ Scholar information, contact Tom Sheehan.  For participant scholarship information contact Daley Whitaker.




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Join us for our 2023 course!

We will return to King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA from July 24-30th 2023.
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